If you love to spend time in kitchen, play with cutlery and got taste buds who demands fusion  then lets make it your profession, consider becoming a chef. Cooking is an art of presenting your thoughts & creativity with the help of food. Now a day with the mushroom of TV shows on cooking, a degree or diploma course in Hotel Management has gained too much popularity amongst 12th passed students aspiring to gain skill based education and pursue their graduation in Hospitality Industry. The path isn't easy - it involves learning from experts, long hours of work, physical strength and heavy competition - but the reward is equally pleasing. One can opt a career in food production and can have the opportunity to design creative dishes, run a kitchen, or even manage a restaurant.

Courses Available in Culinary Arts:

There are various short term 1 Year Diploma to long term 3 Years Degree programmes in Culinary Arts. The programme gives equal emphasis on theory and practical knowledge. Students usually spend half of their time in the industry which gives them the real life experience. Most programmes offer a broad education in nutrition, sanitary food preparation techniques, butchery, pastry making, and other basic cooking knowledge.

Apart from the learning various production techniques and different international cuisines like Oriental, Continental, Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc. , the course also focus on enhancing their managerial skills. For example, students learn how to process raw material so that they can get maximum yield with minimum wastage. They learn to set up stores to prevent spoilage and pilferage.

Skills required to Become a Chef:

Become confident with a knife and other kitchen equipment. Be confident with your tools but be prepared for many cuts to come and remember the more the practice, the more the cuts and practice will make you perfect. Learn everything about the food you love. When you're a chef, food is no longer just what you eat, food is what you speak, what you produce and soon it becomes your identity.

Have a passion for the culinary arts. Not just anyone can be a chef. It takes years to become an expert on how to cook, you have to check new flavors & trends and awareness of your competition, pricing and presentation as well and whom you have to cater, guest profile and their choices. Need to work hard on innovation for presentation and setups for different buffets and ala-carte menus. Set your menus according to the trend and taste of that particular region. Check your food cost, delivery cost, labor cost without compromising on quality of food.

One can start as Chef De Partie and can progress to Executive Chef after gaining skillful experience and knowledge or can also start own eatery outlet or restaurant.

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