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In this article we will try to highlight the career after doing a degree programme in Hotel Management and its scope in Uttar Pradesh state of India.

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel Management is a course of study where students learn the art of hospitality. Majorly any hotel has four departments namely Front Office, House Keeping, Food & Beverage Service and Kitchen also known as Food & Beverage Production department. The course of Hotel Management will revolve around the functionality of these 4 departments. These departments are common with other work units in Hospitality industry apart from Hotels, like cruise line, aviation, tourism, etc. and thus creates more job opportunities for Hotel Management graduates.

Hotel and Tourism Industry in India is the fastest growing industry, both foreign and domestic tourists are increasing year by year and thus creating demand for more hotels which in turn opening up new jobs.

Uttar Pradesh, India

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of India, the state has 75 districts with Lucknow, being its capital. Cities like Vrindavan, Mathura, Varanasi, Haridwar witness crores of domestic tourism due to religious sentiments and rituals, whereas Agra ranks at Top in India in attracting international tourists due to Taj Mahal. Agra and Kanpur are known for leather industry and Noida has become a big commercial centre of the state.

In the last decade, Uttar Pradesh has developed a lot and attracted lot of domestic and international tourists which has resulted in mushroom of hotels and created job opportunities for hoteliers.

Students who wish to do degree in hotel management in Uttar Pradesh have plenty of job opportunities within the state, country and career options available in abroad as well. UAE, Malaysia, Europe has been the favorite destination for Indian Hotel Management grads for employment.

While selecting institute of hotel management in Uttar Pradesh, students should check their past records of placements, teaching methodology, faculty strength and also try to connect to alumni who can give the real insight of the college. A good institute offers 6 months Industrial Training in 2nd year with a reputed brand followed by 3-6 months of On the Job Training in the 3rd year, which not only let the students learn from the industry but also gives them experience which helps them to grab the final job offer.

The main benefit of Hotel Management is that the course imbibe the students with life skills which are helpful through the life.

To conclude, it will be wise to do a hotel management programme from a  good institute in Uttar Pradesh.

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