Medical Transcription

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Of the various Information Technology enabled services offering exciting and lucrative job avenues to millions, Medical Transcription could be a better option for the IT savvy job seekers.

Medical Transcription simply put, is the process of transcribing medical audio files into formatted reports. In the United States and India, the majority of the people depend on medical insurance to pay their medical bills, the reason being that the cost of private health services are too high for an average man. Doctors and hospitals in their turn have to recover the cost of services rendered.  For this they have to hand over details to the insurance companies. As in their busy schedule medical professionals find themselves with no time to spare to write down reports and instead, they record the information on digital tapes. This is turn is directed to professionals who can interpret the language, prepare a report from the assessment up till check out. In a word, Medical Transcription is the process of converting the dictation into a medical report, and the person who does the job is a Medical Transcriptionist.

Medical Transcriptionists therefore are trained service providers who use their extensive medical knowledge, deductive reasoning skills and command over English to transcribe dictated reports.

All you need is good English, comprehensive skills and of course, a professional training. You have to join in for a 4 month course and thereafter a 2 month live exposure under the guidance of expert faculty.

Health care is a rapidly growing industry, and the demand for quality documentation is increasing. Medical Transcription can be life long, satisfying career, providing the constant challenge of an expanding and advancing technology.

Some of the institutes/ universities offering courses in Medical Transcription are:

  • Academy of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Askribe Medical Transcription Services, Hyderabad (A.P.)
  • Delta School of Medical Transcription, Solan (H.P.)
  • Indian Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Krypton Institute of Medical Transcription, Kolkota (W.B.)
  • Medical Transcription Education Center, New Delhi
  • Wintel Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi



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