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List of Merchant Navy Institutes in India

Merchant Navy is a commercial fleet handling cargo to far off countries located at different parts of the world. Life of a merchant officer from India is different as it involves long journeys which may extend from a week to even months. It requires a high sense of discipline and patience for a monotonous life routine. In return, the perks and salary of Merchant Navy officers are very lucrative.

A career in Merchant Navy requires people with strong inner self and tough physical form, along with a sporting adaptive and adjustable attitude. The job is full of adventure and challenges. Candidates need to be intelligent, intuitive and willing to work as a team on ships.

Selection procedure for a Merchant Navy officer:

To be employed as a navigating officer on a merchant ship, it is necessary to obtain a “Certificate of Competency” under the regulations in force in India, relating to the examinations of Masters and

List of Institutes and Colleges offering Marine Engineering/ B.Sc. Nautical Science in India:

Indian Maritime University, Chennai is Central University established through an Act of Parliament for maritime sector. The following government institutions comes under the university:
1. National Maritime Academy, Chennai
2. T.S. Chanakya, Mumbai
3. Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research, Mumbai
4. Maritime Engineering Research Institute, Mumbai
5. Maritime Engineering Research Institute, Kolkata
6. Indian Institute of Port Management, Kolkata
7. National Ship Design & Research Centre, Visakhapatnam.


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