Animation and VFX

It is the art of bringing something to life by using special affects, unbelievable, graphic and exotic technologies and animation can be in the form of digitalized video or computer based graphics, or a combination of both. Its application is varied and ranges from special effects in films and television to modeling and animation for computer games, for engineering or legal studies, etc.There are two kinds of technologies used in animation i.e.2D and 3D techniques: to 2D means two dimensional. By using this technology image can be seen from two dimensional only. 3D refers to three dimensions, by the help of which, an image can be viewed from three dimensions.

India is a hot spot for animation industry due to English speaking man power, presence of well equipped animation studios, low cost of animation services etc.


Basic qualification for getting trained in the field of 10+2 and working knowledge of computer application. Graduation in Fine Art, Applied Art, Animation Design or visual communication gives you an edge.

Career Opportunities

The world of animation is abuzz with creative opportunities. Anyone who is creative and innovative in his approach and knows basic computer skills could try hands in this booming industry. Animation has as wide spectrum as anyone could even think of. Tools of animation are used in various fields, from special effects, virtual reality to games and interior designing. Opening door spots various career options, animation entails the various job profiles and it offers opportunities in the following area:

  1. Publishing prospects
  2. Entertainment industry
  3. Animation in films
  4. Special effects
  5. Web designing
  6. Architecture and interior design
  7. Film animation

Job prospects

After completing the course in film animation, you can kick start your career with Film Studios, Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Government Departments, engaged in Film Production or work as a freelancer. You can also start your own venture by setting up an animation studio.


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