Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is profitable proposition in several professions. Spoken and written knowledge of German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean opens the doors a lucrative career. Today, language professionals have come a long way carving out a niche for them, be it translating, interpreting, online content writing, decoding or teaching a foreign language. With globalisation and more and more multinational coming to India, the demand for language professionals is going up. French been the second most common language of the world is still the students first choice followed by Chinese due to its extensive foreign trade opportunities across the globe.

Career options after doing Foreign Language
If you have proficiency in a foreign language, you can work as a professional, commercial or technical translator, interpreter, or bilingual secretary. Others work with international organisations or in library and information work, publishing, public relations, industrial & commercial management, the media, advertising, banking, marketing and teaching. Every year some of the graduates undertake postgraduate research in languages or area studies or are trained to become language teachers. Of course, high level linguistic proficiency is required.

Employment opportunities after doing Foreign Language
Linguists are generally employed on permanent basis by foreign embassies or international organisations like the UNO, UNICEFF or National Scientific Documentation Centre, International Trade Organisation, Airlines, etc. Linguists also work in schools and colleges. They also get jobs as teacher, interpreters and translators in Universities in the foreign language departments. Language professionals are well paid and also get of opportunities to travel around the world. A language specialist also gets jobs in embassies, airline offices, hotel industry, export agencies. This is not just that, you can also work as a freelancer.

Courses in Foreign Language

Courses in foreign language are mostly taught at Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree level in universities/ colleges and some private institutions. A 10+2 pass student can go for a certificate course. After completing the certificate course he or she can take admission in diploma. Part-time courses are also available such as Delhi University offers part-time language course through several of colleges affiliated to it.


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