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Best Astrology Course Training Institute in India

India Students must understand that astrological science is the study of the movements & relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs & terrestrial events. India students must know that the word Astrology was derived from the Greek word “Astron” meaning “Star” & “Logia” meaning the “Movement of Stars”, Astrologia meaning Star- Divination with astronomia treated as scientific term.

There are various courses to study Astrological Science in India, the programs generally range from 1 year – 3 Years but India students must be clear that the study of Astrology takes time & practice – experience will be most important to master the subject.

There are various programs at both graduation & post graduation level in India with possibilities of research also into Astrology. Huge career opportunities are available to students who have finished their studies in astrology in India. India students can also start their own consultancy. Career opportunities are also made available for students who seek to pursue a career as a Lecturer or Teacher in India. Many private institutions as well as colleges in India take in professionals of Astrology for the posts of Assistant Professors. An alternative to this is to start astrology teaching institutes in India.  The remuneration of astrologers in India will be based upon their experience as well as fame gained over the years.

List of Top Best Astrology Course Institutes in India:


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