Online MBA Programmes

The article is helpful in finding the best distance learning MBA institute in Delhi and other cities of India.

Distance Learning is the delivery of instruction and the fulfilment of course work from remote locations, allowing instructors and students to interact without being at the same place. New technologies have made distance learning an increasingly popular option for institutions and students. The Internet, Email, video Conferencing, and other interactive systems allow schools to experiment with unique modes of teaching and learning.

Distance Learning MBA is a great option, as, nowadays, people do not have enough time to go for regular MBA Courses and have to compromise in their professional, personal and family life.


Advantages of Distance- Learning MBA Programme

These programmes are for disciplined and committed people who attend courses in their off hours. They are not for people who lack motivation or time management skills. Thus they are streamlined, self-paced programmes. Some of the programme's merits are as summarised below:

  1. Distance-learning programmes do not disturb person's professional life as there is no need for going and attending classes, because all the study and help materials are available online or are delivered at the recipient’s address by Post.
  2. They offer more geographic flexibility and exposure to a diverse population of students providing access to faculty at different locations.
  3. Classwork can be scheduled around personal and professional commitments.
  4. One of the greatest advantages of distance learning is that the course fees are lower as compared to the other options.


Disadvantages of Distance Learning MBA Programme 

  1. A major drawback is lack of peer learning. This mode is not for everyone as it offers limited contact with fellow classmates and faculty. You are required to do self study, for which you need to be a self motivating person to start it.
  2. Also, conventional student services such as career placement may be limited or nonexistent in a distance- learning Programme.
  3. It is not very popular with recruiters, bur with the advancement in technology and development of the concepts of online classroom and live interaction with teachers, the effectiveness and popularity of such programmes have increased.


Online MBA Programmes

Online MBA is the new form of Distance Learning and it is by far the most innovative way of delivering course material and assistance to candidates. Online MBA is the hot choice for those people who are willing to pursue MBA degrees, but are constrained by their own duties to perform on a daily basis.

Online MBA comprises studying and taking exams, assistance and test papers online. This has simplified the complexities in learning and now the People can study from their homes at any time according to their convenience.

Online MBA is a great choice nowadays as it meets the exact requirements of people willing to excel in their career and life without having to give up their daily-Life assignments.


Advantages of online MBA Programme

Online MBA uses highly innovative methodologies of learning such as video Conferencing, etc. that make the person feel like being at the campus without being there physically. These programmes are for disciplined and for committed people who cannot attend classes regularly, but have good knowledge about browsing the Internet.

The exponential growth of the Internet has also played a major role in the growing Popularity of Online MBA programmes.

Disadvantages of online MBA programme 

Online MBA is dependent on the Internet that has still not reached many areas in the country, in other words, it is not for everyone. Also, it is not for those who like to be physically present at the learning place to interact with the other students. Still, considering the busy schedule of today's population, this programme is gaining popularity. 


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