This question rises in the mind of all MBA aspirants that whether they should opt for 1 year MBA or 2 year MBA program, but before taking the decision it is very important to understand the both.

This article is helpful if you confused between one year or two year management programs.

Full- Time MBA programmes
It is a standard programme, which is primarily structured for fresh college graduates or those who can take a couple of years off work.

Full-time MBA is of two types- 1 year fulltime and 2 Years fulltime. Full time MBA students are those who are able to take loan, qualify for merit scholarship, or that are able to take loans, qualify for merit scholarships or finance their education personally. They remain out of the work place during their complete duration of MBA which actually helps to them to focus on their studies properly. Full time is always preferred above other modes like part time, correspondence or distance education MBA as students learn more live projects and get placement opportunities as well.

One year fulltime MBA
This programme is very intensive and requires either an academic training or a work background. Due to its time constraints, the students are expected to attend more classes than they would in most other fulltime 2 years programmes. The program is generally for 11 to 16 months and is specially designed to help ambitious and focused professionals who want to enhance their management potential and better success in job market.

Advantages of 1 year MBA:
1. Due to its shorter duration, it offers highly focused coursework that applies to your niche business or industry.
2. Mostly, people with work experience take this so it reduces the need for internship and enables each to create a cohesive network in their profession and to get to have interviews with visiting recruiters.
3. Mostly, these programs are financed by the companies for their employees to move them to leadership roles.

Disadvantages of 1 year MBA:
1. Internship opportunities are fewer as there is no extended breaks between semesters, which can hurt specially those who are looking to switch industry.
2. Some firms do not consider 1 year programme.

Two year fulltime MBA
2 year MBA requires a total commitment to academics with core study of all included subjects spread over 4 semesters, including active business internships between academic years. 2 year MBA may be most expensive option and is strictly for people who have time to devote and for whom learning is their first priority.

Advantages of 2 year MBA
1. It offers opportunities for core comprehensive business and management training, along with elective courses in subfields of specialized interest.
2. No specific work experience is required, so freshers have better opportunities to crack good b-schools
3. Due to its long duration, the students are exposed to more case studies and projects which involves interaction and exchanging ideas with classmates.
4. More respected and demanded by the industry.

Disadvantages of 2 year MBA:
1. Due to entry of too many freshers, the batch lacks experience and real time problem solving capabilities. The students have to be dependent on internships to get their taste of real job industry.
2. These programmes are costlier due to its duration.
3. Confusing of choosing the industry still persists.

At the end, we can conclude that a person should preferably go for 2 year full time MBA after gaining some work experience, so as to be clear about industry and life goal but due to time constraints and if student is well focused than 1 year program in MBA also becomes the right option.


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