Biotechnology Engineering

Top Biotechnology Engineering Institutes in India

Biotechnology is a research oriented field with application in almost every area and phase of our life. India students must understand that from agriculture to medicine to environmental conservation to animal husbandry- all have a direct link with biotechnology. Study of biotechnology in India includes the use of biochemistry, molecular genetics, microbiology & processing technology with an aim to find microorganisms or cells for particular purpose. Microorganisms are used to manufacture drugs or rare chemicals which serve to treat the patients of India. Human insulin, interferon, growth hormones, diagnostics kits are few of inventions from microorganisms in India. New technologies are also been used to produce rare chemicals like repellents, moisturizing creams, bio sensors by using marine and tropical organisms in India.

Branches of Biotechnology in India:

Animal Husbandry
Health Care/ Medical Biotechnology
Energy Sector
Aquaculture & Marine biotechnology
Environmental biotechnology

List of top institutes offering Biotechnology Engineering in India:

1. IIT, Guwahati
2. IIT, Kharagpur
3. IIT, Madras
4. IIT, Roorkee
5. NIT, Raipur
6. NIT, Tiruchirapalli
7. Motilal Nehru NIT, Allahabad


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