10 Bad Eating Habits that are slowly killing the youth

The Generation Y or Youth (people aged between 18 to 35 years) make up 36% of Indian population. So if you are aged in this group then you are driving the growth index of the restaurant industry. According to the food survey of National Restaurant Association of India, The Indian food service industry is estimated to reach 408,040 crore by 2018. According to the survey of Franchise India, 34% people eat two to three times a week, 27% eat once a week, 11% eat three or more times a week, 12% eat once a month, 3% eat on special occasions and remaining 12% eat daily at a restaurant.

Satisfying your carvings with delicious and mouthwatering meals like pizzas, burgers, chocolates, and ice-creams can be a tempting way of making your appetite elated. But it’s not doing your body any favors rather it’s harming your overall health on long-term basis.

You are unintentionally or unwillingly at times hurting your body and health with some of the daily habits killing you slowly as shown below:


Drinking alcohol is a prime habit hazardous to your health as it can make you die. Drinking alcohol causes long term health problems like liver damage and prompt problems like dizziness, fatigue, weight gain etc. For safety of your health keep it limited.


Irregular eating habits can urge your carvings for undue snacks eating as your body sends you hunger signals. You tend to go snacking even when your tummy is full. Undue snacking habit can shed you some extra calories with unhealthy ingredients inside your body. This will further cause you health problems like diabetes, heart problems and acidity etc.


Breakfast lays the foundation and is treated as the most important meal of the day. If you keep your breakfast with one cup of coffee and toast or just skip your breakfast then you are setting yourself up for an unhealthy future. This will harm your energy boost with harming your digestive system and negatively affect your metabolism.


Nail biting is a habit of cutting nails using teethes just for time pass or due to extreme anxiety. This habit can cause germ entry into your body as your hands are constant travelers picking several things throughout the day. These germ-filled fingers enter into your mouth causing you bed-ridden for days like cold and flu etc.


Eating with fast pace due to work pressure or lack of time can adversely affect your digestion system. When you gulp your meal without chewing it properly, it causes you acidity, bloating and excess gas in your stomach. Hence you should eat slowly by taking at least 20 minutes to finish your meal.


Fast and junk foods are rich in Trans fat, sugar, spices and artificial fillers. Your love for junk food expands your waistline causing health ailments like high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems in the long run. This further leads to hardening of the arteries causing plague deposits in your body.


Knowing that smoking kills you might still persist with smoking addiction. Smoking a single cigarette a day can cause you blood clots developing plague in your arteries and blood vessels. Further a non-smoker also gets affected due to your smoking habit.


Colas and other soft drinks are under your easiest reach and attention grabbing for satisfying your thirst. These drinks are sweetened with sugar, artificial preservatives and chemicals harmful for your health and adding calories at the same time.


Tea and coffee are harmless for your health when they become your daily habit of excessive intake. The caffeine in the coffee is the harmful ingredient having alkaloid chemical that affects your body metabolism and creates acidity in the stomach.


Dieting or starving, trying to achieve the size ZERO, can take a toll on your body. Skipping your diet and meals weakens your internal mechanism of germ fighting capacity. You might starve but you will feel the carvings for unhealthy diets that will be damaging your waistline and also harming your brain chemistry.


Many of you like to spend your time by burning midnight oil to study for exam preparations and other works. This might be your routine habit but you are unknowingly damaging your body in the long run. You are damaging your health by skipping your regular sleep of 6-8 hours harming your immune system and body process. A good and sufficient spell of sleep makes you energetic and fresh throughout the day.


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